Design Director who passionate about caricature art


Kaexi is a Design Director and self-taught caricature artist based in Malaysia.

His work includes Brand Identity, Packaging Design and Visual Communication Design while his passion comes alive through drawing – especially caricature art.

In 2009, Kaexi was exposed to the art of caricature from Western countries and embarked on an ambitious journey to learn such drawing skills.

Kaexi focuses on avatars, facial expressions, contours and hairstyles of the characters. In short, caricature art exaggerates and highlights the facial characteristics of a person. In terms of personal drawing style, Kaexi adopted a flat geometric drawing in order to create a combination of graphic design with caricature.

You may check out his Portfolio and if you love his artworks, you may show your support to purchase his Caricature Products. Furthermore, you can follow his social media via

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For commercial graphic design services, you can visit Kaexi Design for more info.


Kaericature art by kaexi (Official)
Flea Auntie 桑小 (Authorised)

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